November 22, 2017

Using Telematics to Boost Equipment Security

equipment security

Securing your fleet with telematics

Equipment security is a major concern for any fleet manager. If you don’t know exactly where every asset is and how it’s being used, you could find yourself in a sticky situation. And it’s not just damages and fines you have to worry about — people’s lives can be at risk.

But by harnessing the power of telematics, you can improve overall security and improve safety.

GPS tracking reduces theft

Construction equipment is expensive. As such, it’s a high-profile target for thieves. A good telematics solution (like EquipmentShare Track) will give you up-to-the-minute information on location. That means if someone pulls a trailer up to your jobsite in the middle of the night and drives off with one of your excavators, you’ll be able to contact the police and tell them exactly where it went. With any luck, that means an arrest and quick recovery of your stolen asset.

Smart equipment security starts with geofencing

In addition to telling you exactly where every asset in your fleet is in real-time, telematics will help you make sure it’s where it’s supposed to be by using the power of geofencing. You can set boundaries around lots, jobsites or routes. If a machine goes outside of that predetermined area, you get an alert.

Eliminating the problems of universal keys

Universal keys are a big equipment security problem in construction. Anyone who wants to can buy a key online and get full access to any machine on your jobsite. That includes opportunistic contractors, or moonlighting employees who want to use your equipment for their own job — they can easily fire it up and drive off, potentially damaging it in the process.

Telematics gives you security options and control to eliminate this problem. Connected keypads like Sentry Keypad restrict access by requiring a unique code for a user to start the engine. Even better, it lets you keep machines locked down after hours and remotely shut them down from any internet-connected browser. For another layer of safety, you can even set parameters around access codes to prevent operators from running equipment they aren’t qualified to use.

Interconnected security provides seamless coverage

Good technology easily integrates with other technology. You can pair your jobsite security cameras with equipment cameras to provide a round-the-clock watchman over your investments. Smart alerts based on qualifications you determine can immediately alert you to any suspicious activity, pinging your desktop or going right to your phone. With the exponential growth rate of equipment security technology, a successful telematics solution that can combine all of the pieces into one convenient platform is a godsend.

The true power of telematics when it comes to jobsite or lot security is in its data and connectivity. When your fleet is connected, you always know exactly where everything is. And even better, you have complete control over how it’s being used and who is using it. That means a seriously reduced chance of theft or vandalism both to the equipment and to your jobsite, which in turn means lower insurance rates. Connectivity is the world of tomorrow, and telematics is making it a reality for construction security.


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