June 5, 2019

Why Your Construction Jobsite Needs a Safety Solution Like Track

construction jobsite safety

Construction jobsite safety: Everyone knows it’s important, but does your team make it a priority when there’s work to be done?

In its “2019 People in Construction Report,” FireStarter Speaking and Consulting found that 90% of surveyed construction professionals said safety was a top priority. That’s promising!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. The report also stated that only 78% of participants said they work safely on a regular basis. Only 68% of field supervisors said the same. There’s clearly a disconnect between construction workers wanting to work safely and actually doing safe work.

When it comes to safety, construction professionals can’t risk talking the talk. In order to prevent accidents and potentially save lives, they have to walk the walk.

Track builds safe jobsites

Implementing the correct safety solution on the jobsite could make all the difference for construction professionals. With smart jobsite technology like EquipmentShare’s Track in place, safe work is made easier.

Track’s robust set of features help contractors monitor safety procedures, document safe worker behavior and even keep equipment out of the hands of unsafe employees.

Unlike traditional telematics systems, Track offers valuable insight and a robust set of easy-to-implement features that help contractors enforce and support safe work.

Track records and gathers data, such as engine health, machine fuel levels, GPS location and more, from your equipment assets (regardless of OEM). Contractors can access the data on a single dashboard from any internet-connected device, anywhere, to visualize a full picture of fleet health and function.

With this insight, contractors can see which safety procedures are working on their jobsite and which ones aren’t. They can enforce safety policies and identify areas where they need to train employees or improve. This knowledge is passed along from Track to the contractor to make the entire concept of construction jobsite safety easier to navigate.

When all of your jobsite’s data is clearly presented to you, it’s easy to see where your team can improve on safety and understand what you’re already doing right. Track’s smart jobsite technology helps you accomplish safe work.

Sentry Keypad

Universal keys are just that — universal. Anyone with a key can start your equipment and use it improperly, which creates the opportunity for accidents to happen and in some cases, fatalities to occur.

With EquipmentShare’s Sentry Keypad, you can give access to the right person for the job. Sounds like a much safer alternative to universal keys, don’t you think?

Sentry Keypad allows you to assign access codes to each trained operator to ensure your equipment is being used safely and properly. Individuals without codes won’t be able to access your equipment.

Additionally, Sentry Keypad works with Track’s technology to provide contractors with the opportunity to ensure jobsite safety from afar. When you’re away from the jobsite, you can remotely lock down machines to ensure no one can operate them.

Not only does Sentry Keypad protect your people, but it can potentially help you cut down on insurance costs by proving to your provider that you’ve got safety and security tools in place.

Geofencing and GPS tracking

At any given moment on the job, can you see where each of your assets is located? Can you easily understand who is operating them? What if an accident occurs? With smart jobsite technology, you can see all of this quickly and from one single dashboard.

Track’s GPS location capabilities allow you to locate any asset on the jobsite. When accidents occur, you can immediately see which worker was using the equipment and better understand where and how the accident took place.

Keeping equipment where it should be is also part of keeping you and your team safe. Thanks to Track’s geofencing feature, you can ensure your equipment isn’t moved (or damaged) by an unauthorized, untrained person.

Geofencing uses GPS or Near field signals to trigger a pre-programmed action and alert you when a physical boundary is crossed. If your equipment moves, you’ll know. Even if you’re miles from the jobsite, you have control over the safety and security of your project.

Driver Scorecards

If you want your jobsite to function safely, then you have to decide which employees are right for the job. Without a clear picture of their safety records, how can you accomplish that?

Track’s Driver Scorecards feature records how drivers and workers operate to create a historical view of worker behavior. Driver scorecards grade every driver on their performance from A to F to give managers a quick look at how they’re doing.

Scorecards record even small actions, such as taking a corner too fast or braking too hard, to help you understand which employees are doing their jobs safely.

With Driver Scorecards, contractors never have to worry about putting an unsafe driver on the road. When it comes to delegating work, you’ll know exactly who can handle the job with safety as a priority. Honoring safety in this way sets a great example for the rest of your team and your entire jobsite.

With these benefits and more, Track is a complete solution to your jobsite’s safety challenges. Smart jobsite technology enables you and your team to better understand how safety is prioritized on your projects.

Furthermore, it helps your team carry out safe work that’s backed by data — data that proves when you work safely, you save time, money and potentially lives. If 100% of your team isn’t already prioritizing safe work, then now’s the time to make the change.



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