June 2019

National Safety Month

This June, EquipmentShare is helping contractors prioritize safety with our smart jobsite technology solutions and safety education. Check out our safety-centric resources to learn how you can make safety a priority for your team today.

Safety Month Articles

Construction Industry

Safety Statistics

In 2017, the industry sector experiencing the largest number of preventable fatal injuries was construction. Check out these statistics that give a glimpse into the state of safety in the construction industry. Source: InjuryFacts.NSC.org

Hours Worked (millions)
Change from 2016
Injuries Reported

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How EquipmentShare Increases Safety

What’s the first step to building a safe jobsite? We say it’s establishing visibility. Learn how to create a highly visible, safe and secure jobsite (and save lives while you’re at it) with our free safety guide.

What makes a safe jobsite?

Learn how technology can help you build a safe jobsite. 

Create visibility

Read our tips for creating visibility and why it matters.

Review your safety strategy

Find out if your safety solutions are up to snuff with our guide.

Increase safety with Track

Learn how Track works and how its features increase work safety.

The Industry's Safest Renting and Tracking Solutions

Learn how to build a safe jobsite with EquipmentShare’s platform of construction technology solutions. 

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How Track Eliminates Theft Risks

Equipment theft is often accepted as part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be. Protect your equipment and assets with Track.

Eliminate Equipment Theft with Track

Learn how to keep your assets (both people and equipment) safe from theft and harm in our free guide.

How do you prevent equipment theft?

The National Equipment Register’s 2016 Annual Theft Report found that 21% of  11,000+ stolen machines were recovered.

Stay informed to stay protected.

With surveillance, security and real-time GPS tracking, our smart jobsite technology prevents theft.

Put a theft protection plan in place.

Learn how EquipmentShare Track can help.

A smart jobsite is secured by Track.

You don’t have to accept theft as a business hazard. Start preventing theft today with Track!

Safety Software Features

EquipmentShare Track

Track isn’t a traditional telematics system. It’s smart jobsite technology that secures, protects and tracks your jobsite’s assets and materials for increased safety, efficiency and productivity. See how Track works below.

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Theft Prevention

Sentry Keypad, remote lockdown and access control come together to stop thieves in their tracks.

Maintenance Alerts

Prevent accidents and breakdowns to save time, money and lives.


Secure your assets where they need to be more increased safety and efficiency at the jobsite.

Driver Behavior

Keep trained and capable drivers on the road, and keep the reckless drivers off with driver behavior recording.

Experience the benefits of Track

See how smart jobsite technology can change the way your team works for the better. Get started with Track today.

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How EquipmentShare Increases Safety