February 3, 2021

ICYMI: January at EquipmentShare

One month down in the new year, and we hit the ground running in January! Last month, EquipmentShare set the bar high for 2021, solving problems and setting new goals, while providing top-of-the-line technology, service and equipment for our customers. Keep reading to see a few of the exciting company and product updates we shared in January, as well as a few things to look forward to down the road! 

Next Generation of EquipmentShare Keypads in Testing Phase

EquipmentShare technology is constantly evolving to better serve contractors and fleet managers. Access Control is a powerful feature of our fleet management technology that locks out equipment thieves by replacing universal keys with EquipmentShare Keypads. Employee-specific access codes restrict equipment access to authorized users only and create a digital log of machine startups and access attempts. 

Over the last year, our team has been working on a new design and even more features for our Keypad to increase safety and security on your assets. President and co-founder Willy Schlacks even shared a sneak peak of a keypad design the team considered during his Instagram takeover at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 back in March! 

Now, after a few months of elbow grease, the new EquipmentShare Keypads are in the testing phase at our Columbia, Mo. yard! The telematics installation team has been heads-down installing and testing the new keypads on our fleet, prioritizing forklifts and skid steers as they are often stolen—and then, used to steal other equipment! Get a sneak peak of the new keypads in the video below:

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EquipmentShare Track Updates of the Month

The EquipmentShare Track team rolls out new updates and improvements to all our features on a weekly basis to help you work more productively, learn more about your fleet and more easily find what you need in the apps. Catch up on a few of the updates you don’t want to miss below!

Product Update #1: Low Battery Alerts

Why is it important? Low Battery Alerts in the new Alert Management System prevent the unexpected downtime that result from dead batteries in your machines and vehicles. Get a Low Battery Alert and replace it then—instead of dealing with an on-the-job breakdown or an early morning field repair later.

How can I use it now? Set up new Low Battery alerts from the Company tab in EquipmentShare Track. Select Alerts. Complete the Add Alert Form and select Low Battery for the Condition type. Add your notification user and click Save! Keep in mind, based on an asset’s battery voltage, a recommended threshold will automatically apply to the alert and notify the user once the voltage has dropped below it’s recommended level. 

The battery voltage rules are:

  • For a 12 voltage battery, the system will notify the user when the asset’s battery has less than 10.5v. 
  • For a 24 voltage battery, the system will notify the user when the asset’s battery has less than 22.5v. 

Product Update #2: Automatic Clock-Out in Time Cards

Why is it important? Sometimes, employees forget to clock out—it happens to the best of us. Time Cards now clocks-out users when their time clocked-in exceeds 24 hours, making it easy for payroll teams to correct the mistake.

How can I use it now? This feature is automatic in Time Cards—no set-up required!

Product Update #3: New and Improved Reports: Interactive Rental Management Dashboard

Why is it important? The new Rental Management Dashboard gives users valuable insight into real-time rental spending and usage on the jobsite. The team added a few new tools to help you get the most from your EquipmentShare rentals:

  • Choose filters and analyze and review rental management for a specific JobsitePurchase Order (PO) or Class
  • View Spend and Utilization for JobsitePO and Class
  • Tiles display the number of your rental assets that are On RentWaiting for PickupCycling this Week or Reserved for an upcoming job. Click on the tiles for more details. You’ll see a new column, To Date, which shows the cost of ending an On-Rent rental today.
  • Compare your current spending to your budget  in the Spend graph. Click on the blue bar for spend details and invoices.
  • The Utilization graph shows real usage data by JobsitePO or Class.. Each bar on the Utilization graph is also clickable for more details. 
  • The Invoices table will show invoices for the  last 30 days. Select Invoice Number to open the Invoice, or select the View Invoice Summary to see the Track Invoices Summary page. 
  • Download any tile of information into a CSV file or the entire dashboard into a PDF for easy sharing.
  • Schedule regular email reports so you can stay on top of your rental machines from your inbox.

How can I use it now? Find the new Rental Management Dashboard in the Reports tab in EquipmentShare Track. Search “Analytics” and click Analytics – Rental Management Dashboard.

EquipmentShare Employees Log 930,000 Miles in 2020 Wellness Challenge

Health and wellness has always been at the heart of EquipmentShare—we’re powered by early-morning and lunch-break workouts, nutritious meals and a culture of caring about each other. In 2020, EquipmentShare explored ways to encourage and empower employees to work toward their wellness goals—and that’s where the wellness challenge came in.

Using the Wellable app, employees logged their fitness activity, meal choices and mental wellness activities to earn points to redeem for rewards. Over half of EquipmentShare’s employees participated in the challenge, logging enough steps to lap the world nearly 38 times and walk around 930,000 miles! Participants earned more than $35,000 in Amazon gift cards and 1,200 hours of PTO in 2020!

The challenge also included prizes for the top three employees who earned the most Wellable points. The grand prize winner of $5,000 was Chris McKinley, a delivery driver out of EquipmentShare’s Little Rock, Ark., branch. McKinley and his teenage son teamed up to motivate each other throughout the year, ultimately losing a combined weight of 65 pounds throughout the process and adopting healthy routines such as daily walks and incorporating strength training into their workout regime. 

“Our 30-minute walks turned into hour-long walks and weight lifting,” McKinley said. “It was great for any parent of a teenager who doesn’t get as much quality time with their kid as they used to. The wellness program gave me the motivation to not only concentrate on my own health and wellbeing but also my child’s. The end of the challenge will be the beginning of a new year and a continuation of a happier, healthier me for years to come.”

Watch the video below to see McKinley announced as the grand prize winner! Plus, learn more about the 2020 wellness challenge in a recent blog post on The Yard. 

President and Co-founder Willy Schlacks Featured in The Tech Tribune's "Profile of a Founder"

Building a company from the ground up is no small feat. EquipmentShare was founded by a group of six back in 2014, led by brothers Willy and Jabbok Schlacks, with a common goal: push the boundaries of the construction industry. 

Last month, EquipmentShare President and Co-founder Willy Schlacks sat down with The Tech Tribune for their “Profile of a Founder” series to discuss problem-solving and EquipmentShare’s unique positioning in the construction industry. Read it here!

EquipmentShare Shows Appreciation to Healthcare Workers

In communities around the world, healthcare workers are going above and beyond every day, helping all of us through the pandemic. As a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, our Columbia, Mo., team came together last month to donate lunches to the medical staff at University Hospital and Boone Hospital Center’s vaccination clinic. Take a look at a few of the photos below! 

With that running start, we’re looking forward to the rest of 2021. Follow along with everything going on at EquipmentShare through our social media: 


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