November 2, 2020

ICYMI: October at EquipmentShare

Can you believe November has arrived? We’ve almost reached the end of 2020, but there is still so much EquipmentShare has planned! This October went by in a blur of pink T-shirts, disaster aid and more significant news that you don’t want to miss. Refresh and recap on these important updates below, just ICYMI. 

EquipmentShare Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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On Oct. 16, EquipmentShare team members across the U.S. showed support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink and donating to further the missions of research organizations and hospitals that provide life-saving services to those in need. Our employees raised over $2,300 that EquipmentShare then matched for a total of $5,600 in donations. EquipmentShare is proud to contribute these funds to two great organizations: National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. The funds will be used to support NBCF’s programs, such as care packages and support groups, for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Ellis Fischel Cancer Center will use the funds to maintain and service MU Health Care’s “Mamm Van,” a mobile van that provides free mammograms across 26 counties in Missouri.

Breast cancer impacts about one in eight women in their lifetime, according to NBCF. This disease is personal to so many, which is why we set up a Battle Breast Cancer Booth at EquipmentShare HQ in Columbia, Mo., where team members could share their personal experiences with the disease, give a shoutout to a survivor or remember someone they’ve lost to breast cancer. Listen to a few of these stories below. 

Disaster Response Team Provides Aid Following Hurricane Delta

Unfortunately, natural disasters have been a common occurrence in 2020. We established our Disaster Response Team to serve the communities that have been affected by these storms, such as those that we’ve seen in all the headlines. So, when Hurricane Delta touched down in Louisiana mere weeks after Hurricane Laura, our team was quick to respond. 

The EquipmentShare Disaster Response team set up shop across the Louisiana Gulf to provide emergency supplies, such as water, food and heavy equipment to clean up debris and damage. We partnered with local businesses, like Brown’s Food Center in Hackberry, La., (pictured above) where our team members worked with their employees to hand out over 30 cases of water and 250 pounds of food to people in need in their community. Learn more about our Disaster Response Team and their efforts on our website.

EquipmentShare Named Honoree for Kindness in Business Award

EquipmentShare was humbled to be chosen as an honoree for Missouri Business Alert‘s Kindness in Business Award. This recognition is thanks to the countless months of hard work put in by employees like Craig Hindelang for the No Child Hungry by EquipmentShare program.

Read the feature here to learn how these efforts began and ultimately resulted in over 45,000 meals distributed throughout our Columbia, Mo., community.

President Willy Schlacks Talks Transitioning Construction Through COVID-19

EquipmentShare President Willy Schlacks met up with Startup.Info to discuss how EquipmentShare has responded to and handled the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic through continued innovation.

“Our team of engineers and field staff at EquipmentShare continue to develop new ways to help the builders of America move forward in this time of national health crisis,” Schlacks said. “Our proprietary smart jobsite technology, EquipmentShare Track, allows contractors to manage and track their fleet from anywhere on the planet through their smart device. It’s EquipmentShare’s mission to ensure that contractors and construction professionals have the right tools and assets to get the job done, whether that’s contactless equipment rental experience, smart jobsite technology, service, and parts or a new machine.”

Schlacks also emphasized EquipmentShare’s passion for using the company’s resources and team members to help our community, both during and prior to the pandemic.

“Additionally, our drive to help contractors build spaces and structures efficiently is matched by our desire to build up and better communities through philanthropic initiatives like our new BuildShare Partnership program,” he added. “As one of the largest construction equipment rental companies in the world, we partner with nonprofit organizations to deploy our assets and team members on building projects that benefit the public and community. From community rec centers and parks, annexes, and other structures for charitable organizations, or homes for those in need, BuildShare Partnerships build-up, and better communities.”

Read the full Q-and-A with Startup.Info here.

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EquipmentShare Track Updates of the Month

The EquipmentShare Track developers and engineers are continuously innovating the platform to better serve our customers and help contractors work smarter. As EquipmentShare President Willy Schlacks mentioned in the article above, EquipmentShare Track serves as a vital resource for the construction industry during this time. That is why we have asked EquipmentShare Track expert and Product Owner Angela Page to highlight the most important product updates shared last month: 

Product Update #1: Create Fault Code Alerts using New Management Alert System in EquipmentShare Track

Why is it important? This enhancement will allow users to set Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) alerts for their assets and receive the notification via email or SMS text. This enhancement allows users to know immediately when an asset requires attention, so it can be serviced and back to work quickly. 

How can I use this now? The DTC alerts are created by a Manager or Owner-level role configured for All Assets, Asset IDs, Asset Types or Groups* across their fleet. A user is then assigned to the alert, which will be based on their profile settings, either via email or SMS text.


Product Update #2: Create Entry/Exit Geofence Alerts using New Alert Management in EquipmentShare Track

Why is it important? This update will allow users to set Geofence Entry and Exit alerts for their assets and receive the notification via email or SMS text. The alerts can be added to one or all Geofences. This enhancement provides a way for users to quickly add all their company’s geofences in Track to an alert rule and gain visibility into what their assets are doing at a jobsite (Geofence).

How can I use this now? The Geofence alerts are created by a Manager or Owner-level role and configured for All Assets, Asset IDs, Asset Types, or Groups* across their fleet. A user is then assigned to the alert, which will be notified based on their profile settings, either via email or SMS text.

*Rental users cannot set alerts for Groups. 


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