February 14, 2019

[VIDEO] Explore Track Telematics


Monitoring and managing your construction fleet has never been easier. With TRACK telematics, contractors get a bird’s-eye view of their entire fleet, plus all the data behind it:

  • Vehicle engine stats for a granular look at how your assets are running
  • Usage reports to see which machines sit still too long or work overtime
  • Real-time tracking and Trips data to see where machines are and where they’ve been

Get ahead of potential issues, streamline jobsite communication, and use your fleet to its full potential. TRACK changes how contractors work. Explore TRACK and all its features in the video below.

It’s time you experienced the benefits of a connected, data-driven jobsite backed by advanced technology. Get started with TRACK today.

Keep reading about the power of a telematics-connected fleet.


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