July 8, 2020

Time Cards and E-Logs: Team Transparency and ELD Compliance with Track

The first episode of Track Talk features EquipmentShare Product Owner Patrick Cassidy. He talks about how his products, Time Cards and E-Logs, help contractors stay compliant, efficient and organized on the job.

Construction fleet managers face unique challenges, and the driven, curious teams of software engineers at EquipmentShare are always working to solve them. We’re talking to the Product Owners leading these teams to learn what drives their work and how their products fit into Track’s connected jobsite ecosystem.

Product Owners (POs) at EquipmentShare gather feedback from several sources on their Track product, or feature, to prioritize changes and improvements. In addition, POs manage workloads and feature rollout timelines for their teams. POs work with engineers and Track users to create new tools and features that meet our customers’ needs. 

Product Owner Patrick Cassidy leads the Time Cards and E-Logs teams at EquipmentShare. He and his team hope to increase visibility across teams with Time Cards by connecting hours worked with specific jobsites and tasks.

Patrick and his team have also created E-Logs, an ELD-compliance solution for drivers. Drivers use E-Logs as a mobile app to log their driving time. Supervisors use E-Logs from Track to approve and review drive logs. 

See what Patrick has to say about his products, his team and their goals at EquipmentShare. Then, keep reading for a closer look at Time Cards and E-Logs. 

What is Time Cards? 

Time Cards is Track’s answer to the challenges of managing employee hours on changing jobsites. It’s simple to use:

  1. Add new users to your Track account. Your team logs into the Link mobile app with their work email addresses. 
  2. At the jobsite, your team can clock in and out via Link. They can add Digital Work Orders (DWOs), Jobs and Cost Codes to Time Cards to show where their time was spent. 
  3. You or an authorized user can view Time Cards and approve hours in Track.

Time Cards eliminates the guesswork around how many hours were spent working on each project, task and DWOs. That visibility, as Patrick puts it, “very directly relates to dollars and cents.”

Predictable timelines and accurate estimates are hardly the norm across the construction industry, but Time Cards changes that. Implementing Time Cards into daily work processes teaches you how your team works and helps you make accurate predictions about project timelines.

What is E-Logs? 

E-Logs is EquipmentShare Track’s ELD solution. E-Logs allows drivers to effortlessly track their trips and drive time according to the federal rules they need to follow. Your team can start using E-Logs with a few easy steps:

  1. Install Track hardware on vehicles used for trips that are subject to the ELD rule. 
  2. Add new drivers to Track, and they can download the Contractors E-Logs app and log in on their mobile devices. 
  3. Drivers pair their app with their vehicle, set the appropriate duty status and start driving. E-Logs automatically keeps both an ELD rule-complaint drive log and a Time Card. 

Track’s E-Logs feature is a federally compliant ELD solution, accommodating all hours of service (HOS) exemptions and exceptions. E-Logs gives drivers a simple way to stay ELD-compliant. Drivers can track their trips and hours, record and submit Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) and upload important documents like photos and receipts from their phones. With E-Logs, employees can focus on getting work done and stay effortlessly compliant with ELD regulations.  

How do Time Cards and E-Logs work together?

Both Time Cards and E-Logs offer easy ways for your team to track their hours worked, time driven and record where their time was spent. Wherever they’re working, your team can use the Link mobile app to clock in and out and add DWOs to their Time Cards. Drivers connect the E-Logs mobile app to their vehicle’s tracker and change their duty status for automatic, accurate drive logs. 

E-Logs drivers don’t have to worry about creating a Time Card. Instead, their drive logs generate Time Cards, which managers can approve when they log into Track.

“You can start your day and then not have to worry about it until it’s time to go home, and the log will be recorded accurately,” Patrick said. These two Track features make logging time and compliance a hands-off experience.

Time Cards, E-Logs and the connected jobsite

Time Cards and labor transparency

Make employee labor a part of the connected jobsite ecosystem with Track’s Time Cards. This feature shows you real project costs and how your employees spend their time, helping you make more accurate bids and timeline estimates. And, you’ll save money by more efficiently allocating labor and materials on every jobsite. 

On their Time Cards, your team can add DWOs, Jobs, Phases and Cost Codes for complete visibility into where time and resources were spent. 

When working on a specific Work Order, employees can clock the exact time they spent on the Work Order during their shift. They can also choose the Job they were working on and, if applicable, the Phase and/or Cost Codes. 

For example, a Job would refer to the name of a project or its location, such as Riverstone Apartments. The Phase would refer to where the employee worked on that job— let’s call it Parking Lot B. The Cost Code entered might be Concrete Work if the employee worked a DWO for Pouring Concrete.

This level of visibility can help you learn how to run the most efficient projects possible, keep costs down and finish work on time. The Link app makes Time Cards accessible to employees no matter where they’re working. 

E-Logs for effortless ELD compliance

Keep accurate drive and trip logs, stay compliant with the ELD rule and ensure your drivers operate safely with E-Logs. E-Logs is accessible from the Contractors E-Logs app and in the Track browser app. Track’s ELD solution makes it easy to avoid receiving violations, especially common ones relating to inaccurate or insufficient record keeping. 

E-Logs gives your drivers the tools to record their hours and trips, update their duty status and submit DVIRs and drive logs. In addition, their drive logs automatically generate Time Cards, keeping employee hours in one place and making payroll easier to manage. 

Track’s platform of solutions gives contractors complete transparency and effortless management of all the moving parts on a jobsite: employees, equipment, attachments and vehicles. The insights you’ll gain from increasing jobsite transparency lead to more profitable, efficient projects.

Keep an eye out for the next video in our Track Talk series. We’ll discuss what’s new in Track Reports with Product Owner Maroua Jawadi!


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