September 25, 2018

Product Updates: What’s New with EquipmentShare Track?

ES Track has a new name — well, not that new! Let’s talk about EquipmentShare Track and some exciting product updates that come along with our new moniker. With the Track product updates newsletter, you’ll never miss new feature and improvements to the app.

Here’s a round-up of the most noteworthy changes we’ve made this year:

Faster Load Time & Improved App Performance

No one likes waiting, especially when the clock is ticking to complete projects. We made some serious improvements behind the scenes to load your fleet data faster and compile reports quicker. We also added intuitive search functions — tables are now searchable by line! —  so you can find what you’re looking for in just a few clicks.

Updated Rental Dashboard

We’ve revamped your Rental Dashboard to serve up only the most pertinent information about your rental assets in one single glance:

  • Current Rental Lists
  • Spend by Equipment Class
  • Spend by Jobsite
  • Off-rent Equipment waiting for pickup
  • Monthly Rental Spend

Stay on top of your rental costs and get updates on every Track-equipped machine on your jobsite at a glance with the new Rental Dashboard.

New Integration Available: John Deere/JDLink

As the only OEM-agnostic telematics platform for mixed fleets, we are always working to provide our customers greater transparency into their assets’ location, health and utilization. We’re bringing even more of that data to one central place with JDLink Telematics feeds now able to integrate directly into your Track account.

Digital Work Orders

It’s time to stop relying on paper logs or your memory for tracking service and repairs on your owned assets. With our new Digital Work Orders system — now in testing — that plugs directly into your Track account, maintenance is predictive. Track monitors your machines’ engines and sends alerts to notify you of problems before they become bigger problems. Get on the list to become an early adopter.

Better Asset Group Management

Create your own groups and assign assets however you like. Find the information you actually want to see in Track with segmentation. Search and group assets by:

  • Vehicle type
  • Equipment class
  • Branch or location
  • Project

Create views that reflect your current operation and make more informed decisions.

Improved User Management

Enjoy greater flexibility into your data and who sees it when they log in. Our new User Management tool offers levels of access and authorization within the app so you can control what’s displayed and permitted at the user-level. Decide if a user gets Read-only access or is able to assign Sentry Keypad codes as just a couple of examples. You can also trigger password resets for your users as an Admin/Company Owner.

Geofence Alerts for Company Users

You can now add other users to receive Geofence Alerts by email. Only add users you wish to be notified for location changes and tracking updates all based on active geofences you’ve created inside your account. More customizations and targeted alerting capabilities are in the pipeline.

Trip Lines and Active Asset Tracking

We’ve made Asset Tracking a much smoother experience through our new Map view integration that includes MapBox in addition to Google Maps. Toggle this on and check out what’s new. Additionally, this feature now displays real-time updates with zero lag time so you see your entire fleet and activity as it’s happening. Select an asset on the map to see where it is now and where it’s been. Clicking on a machine will also show you Trip Lines during whatever date range you set.

Improved Reporting

We’ve made our existing reports more robust, granular and customizable and added more pre-built reports so you can drill down even further into your data. These are some of the new reports you can pull:

  • Jobsite Audit
  • Asset Summary
  • Asset Geofence Report

Analyze your fleet’s performance any way you wanna slice it. More data means more opportunities to work smarter, not harder.

EquipmentShare Track Telematics

Learn more about Track here. Have a question or need to get in touch with Support? Contact us now by calling 1-833-378-7225, emailing or chatting with the Support team on the EquipmentShare homepage.


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