March 22, 2018

Digital Work Orders Revolutionize Maintenance Processes

digital work orders

Finding a better way to service assets

Uh-oh. You just got a call. One of your telehandlers has broken down. You need to get it back up and running as soon as possible, or else the entire job will grind to a halt.

Unfortunately, if you’re still using paper work orders “as soon as possible” isn’t very soon. You have to gather information on the problem and write up a work order. Then figure out which maintenance technician is available and track him down. Once you finally find him and deliver the work order, he has to drive to the jobsite and locate the asset, which is a huge undertaking in itself on some of the bigger jobsites.

If you’re lucky, he won’t have any trouble deciphering your handwriting and will be able to get right to work. Meanwhile, you can only rely on sporadic radio contact for repair status. It’s a frustrating and inefficient process. Surely there’s a better option out there?

Digital work orders streamline maintenance processes.

Improve service efficiency by ditching the paper and going digital with digital work orders from EquipmentShare Track. Here’s how it works:

As soon as you learn about an asset in need of service or maintenance, you generate a work ticket from any Internet-connected phone, tablet or computer. You type in all the relevant information, including the asset’s ID, the problem and any other notes. You then assign it to an available tech.

Here’s where it gets really cool. The technician receives an automatic notification on his or her phone that a ticket has been assigned. When they pull it up, they immediately have all the info right at their fingertips in a legible, easy-to-understand format. The tech marks the order as received, and you get instant notification.

And this is just the beginning of improved efficiency. By working with the asset’s telematics, Track gives the tech an exact GPS location. They drive directly to it, rather than wasting time trying to track it down on the site, eliminating time-wasting seek-and-find. Using their phones, they then mark the job as underway or completed, giving you real-time status updates.

Digital work orders get rid of the frustrations of paper work orders.

In addition to maximizing service efficiency, digital work orders eliminate many of the bottlenecks caused by messy and wasteful paper logs. Because they’re created and assigned digitally, there’s no more concern about misplaced or lost work orders — everything is maintained in one central location.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings caused by poor penmanship or completely unreadable handwriting. Users can ask and answer questions, give updates and track status all from one convenient location. Important jobs can be prioritized, and you can see status at a glance.

The benefits of digital work orders are numerous. The only question is: why would you keep using paper work orders when a superior digital option exists?


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