March 1, 2019

What’s New in Track: January & February 2019

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Nearly every update rolled out in January and February has a common goal: to help you spend less time navigating through the app and more time moving projects forward. Drop us a line with your suggestions about features that can help you get more work done.

New Rental History Table

Get a complete look at your previous rentals with the new Rental History table, found right next to the On-Rent table. The Rental History table makes it easier to identify trends in your rental habits: which machines you rent most often, which jobs required a high number of rentals and more.

You also have quick access to your rental contracts in the Rentals tab. In both On-Rent and Rental History tables, click on “Contract” to download a copy of that machine’s Rental Agreement.

Request Service Form with MSPs

Some of your assets might have an assigned Maintenance Service Provider (MSP), which means a specific EquipmentShare branch takes care of all of that machine’s maintenance. If any of your assets have assigned MSPs, you can now submit a Request Service Form right from Map view or your Rentals Table. The request goes right to your MSP so your machines get fixed faster.

Organized Look at Invoices

Your rental spend summaries are easier than ever to access, now consolidated in a cleaned-up Invoices tab. Billing information is no longer separated into several tabs. Now, it’s right there on your Rental Dashboard.

Also new in Invoices, you can quickly download invoices and statements without navigating into other tabs. Download Statement creates a PDF including all invoices with a balance greater than $0. You can filter your Invoices table by Paid, Outstanding and now All to see every invoice regardless of payment status.

View Multiple Camera Feeds

Get more out of your Track Cameras with a new, larger multiple-camera display. Track’s Media Viewer is more dynamic and you can resize it and move it around your screen. You can now download videos from Camera feeds to keep for your records, which is invaluable when it comes to proving fault in an accident or identifying reckless driving behavior.

Custom Track Menu View

Custom Track Views will now filter out any pages that don’t apply to how you’re using Track. If you use Track in your owned machines, you won’t see Rental-specific pages that you don’t need. We’ve eliminated the Fleet Dashboard if you’re a Rental customer and don’t use Track in any owned equipment. You can move more quickly in around the app with features customized to the way you’re using Track.

Rental Default Codes

Assign a Rental Default Code to keypads in rental machines. You can choose to automatically apply the Default Code to keypads in any future rentals.

Change POs Quickly

From your Rentals table, you can now edit purchase orders on active rentals. You can’t change the POs on Invoices that have already been created.

Require Confirmation for Off-Rent Status

When you switch an asset’s status to Off-Rent, a confirmation box will appear before the status change is made.

Download CSV of Asset Inventory Table

Asset Inventory Tables can now be downloaded as a CSV file, making it easier to put that data to use wherever you need it. Export All creates a CSV that includes all company assets, both owned and rented. Choose Export Modified to download a CSV that reflects any filtering applied to the Asset Inventory Table.

Intercom Button on Track Login Screen

Having login issues? We’ve added an Intercom button to the login screen so you can contact the Track support team from there if you’re having problems.

Have a question or need to get in touch with Support? Call 1-833-378-7225, start a chat in your Track app or shoot us an email.


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