September 11, 2017

How to Use EquipmentShare Track to Maximize Utilization

maximize utilization

Maximize your fleet by accurately tracking utilization

For your company to operate at maximum profitability, you need to get the most out of everything. That means minimizing waste in materials, labor and equipment. But it’s not always easy to track where your budget is going, especially when it comes to how your machines are being used.

Do you own the right amount of equipment? Maybe you own too much of some things and rarely use them — that’s costing you money in upkeep and maintenance without much return. Or perhaps you have something else that’s constantly in use and causing a backlog as a result. But how do you know? Without data, you’re operating blind.

And this is quite simply, unacceptable. Construction equipment is expensive, both to buy and to maintain. To get the most out of your investment, you need to manage it as effectively as possible. Track can help.

How to track usage with Track

As the only telematics solution built by contractors, for contractors, Track offers several ways to track your equipment usage.

It starts with real-time GPS tracking. Using the “Map” tab on the left navigation, Track gives you at-a-glance information on every asset in your fleet. Using Google Maps, it includes street, satellite and terrain view, and allows you to zoom in and out.

To view breadcrumb trails of where each machine has been, click on the asset in the list on the left. Click “Details” in the window that pops up.  This will bring up a new map showing where it was used, path traveled and any driving alerts.

Once you’re aware of where and how equipment is being used, you can dive deeper with a Jobsite Usage Report. Click on “Reports” in the left navigation and “View” under “Jobsite Usage Report.”

Select the desired jobsite from the dropdown at the top and a list of assets will auto-populate. This view gives you information on each asset, including Days On-Site and Time Spent in use On-Site. Click on the asset to display a bar graph showing usage vs. time on-site.

On-site time is gray, while usage is displayed in blue. A general rule of thumb is the more blue the better. A gray-dominated graph indicates this asset is not being used as much as it could be, which is in turn costing you money.

To run a Utilization Report, go back to the “Reports” tab and click “View” under “Utilization Report.” Enter the start and end dates for your report and click “Run Report.”

This will provide you with detailed information on usage, including percentages of how your entire fleet is utilized, both vehicles and equipment.  A graph below this shows you a visual representation of how much of your fleet was used today, has been used in the last month, and has been idle for 31 days or longer.

Below this is a detailed breakdown of each assets with statistics on usage, distance, on-time and last jobsite. Simply by scrolling, you’ll be able to spot which assets you’re not using up to their full potential.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions about fleet management, including how your assets are allocated, what equipment you have to much of, and whether you should sell or rent out unused machines.

See how you can maximize profit with telematics by requesting a free demo today.


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