August 24, 2017

How Telematics Simplifies Accounting Processes


Telematics streamlines accounting processes

How much of any given day for your accounting staff is consumed by clerical work? Reconciling time sheets, tracking down redundancies and generally doing a ton of work that needs doing, but adds nothing to your bottom line? Probably a lot, right?

Technology can solve this problem.

Here’s how:

You already have existing systems for things like timecards, payroll and budgeting. Your accounting staff is probably really comfortable with them. They know where everything is, how it works and how to spot when something has gone wrong. That’s a good thing.

The problem arises when they need to pull information from another program to reconcile information or double-check something. That’s when errors and inaccuracies occur.

But a good telematics solution (*cough* Track *cough*) solves this problem. By integrating with your existing systems, you can pull data with a few clicks of the mouse. That makes it easy to:

  • Spot timecards with mistakes or that have been “fudged”
  • Reconcile payroll, including overtime
  • Identify and eliminate waste
  • Calculate exact cost per hour for every jobsite
  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Generate invoices

Because telematics tracks how and where every vehicle and piece of equipment in your fleet is being used, you can be sure your billing and payroll are accurate and precise. And in the event of disputes, it’s a simple task to pull the records and show where time was spent.

The best part is, because you’ll be 100% confident that your numbers are accurate, your accounting staff will be able to spend less time on these clerical tasks and more time on things that bring in money.


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