August 16, 2017

Case Study: EquipmentShare Track Recovers Stolen Equipment

Taken and returned in under 24 hours

Theft is a serious problem in the construction industry. The high price tag of equipment makes it an attractive target for thieves. And it gets stolen. A lot.

But thanks to the teamwork of EquipmentShare employees and the constant connectivity of EquipmentShare Track, it’s one less thing you need to worry about. Here’s a real-world example of how Track helped us recover stolen equipment, helping our customer eliminate insurance liability and get back to work quickly.

A customer rented a Hyundai 35 mini excavator from our Houston location. When they needed to use it, it was nowhere to be found, so they assumed EquipmentShare had come and picked it up. A call to their sales representative quickly showed this was not the case — a brazen thief had stolen it in a broad daylight.

In Houston, this is especially troubling, because stolen equipment can be transported across the border in a matter of hours. Then it’s gone for good, leaving the customer and their insurance company on the hook for this $30,000 machine.

Luckily, this mini excavator, like everything in EquipmentShare’s fleet, came equipped with the telematics power of Track. Once it was determined that it had been stolen, rather than just misplaced, the staff at the Houston location jumped into action and pulled up the vehicle in Track.

Tracking the machine’s movement using GPS history, it was quickly located a few miles away.

With the help of law enforcement, the customer and EquipmentShare personnel traveled to the location and found it stashed behind a building.

The thieves had punched out the ignition with a screwdriver, loaded the machine onto a truck, and simply driven away. With the help of Track’s history tools, police could check traffic cameras along the exact route taken and identify the transport vehicle, leading to arrest.

The machine was stolen just before 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 29. It was recovered at 10:30 the next morning, having been gone under 24 hours.

Tracked down 40 miles away

A few months earlier, Track helped track down the exact same machine when it was stolen from a different site. This time, it was a middle of the night theft.

At 12:37 a.m. on Sunday, April 30, Track recorded the mini excavator started up. They drove it onto a trailer and took off. Two hours later, at 2:36, it was started again as it was unloaded nearly 40 miles away.

When the contractor returned to work the following Monday and noticed it was missing, they called in to EquipmentShare to find out what had happened. After determining the machine was stolen, Track got to work, finding the machine behind an abandoned house, where the thieves had apparently stashed it after being unable to locate the well-installed telematics GPS device.

Again with the help of law enforcement, the machine was quickly recovered and returned, allowing the customer to get back to work — without the cost and hassle of dealing with their insurance company.

Track makes recovering stolen equipment much more likely. And coming innovations like Sentry Keypad and operator cameras eliminate theft in the first place. The results of all this are safer jobsites, lower insurance premiums and a story with a happy ending, all thanks to Track.

See how you can prevent equipment theft using GPS tracking by requesting a 100% free demo today.


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