November 6, 2017

5 Ways to Improve Your Construction Operation’s Efficiency


Time is money. Here are five ways to improve job efficiency.

On any construction jobsite, efficiency is crucial. Minimizing wasted time and materials means better profits, happier clients and an improved reputation. Here are some tips to help ensure your projects are more efficient and your bottom line stays strong.

1. Improve communication

A shockingly large percentage of hiccups on jobsites can be tracked back to one key issue: a failure in the communication process. Instructions or information is either miscommunicated leading to misunderstandings and mistakes, or important information is simply not communicated at all. Improve your communication flow by scheduling regular updates for stakeholders, creating information processes and/or implementing a collaborative management tool.

2. Maximize your assets

Construction equipment is a big investment. And it costs you money, whether you’re using it or not in the form of your note, maintenance and upkeep, even space on your lot. Using a tool like EquipmentShare Track, you can identify which assets in your fleet are underutilized and make smart decisions about selling or renting it out. Additionally, understanding how your assets are utilized makes it easy to decide what you need to purchase when considering adding equipment.

3. Automate maintenance

One of the biggest enemies of any job’s profitability is broken-down equipment. In some cases, entire jobsites grind to a halt because of one broken belt. Automate your maintenance schedule with a platform that will automatically alert you when an asset is approaching its scheduled maintenance, either by date, miles or runtime. Predictive intelligence helps you avoid critical breakdowns.

4. Use technology to your advantage

These days, everyone has a computer in their pocket. Smartphones and tablets are a great way to stay connected — if you’re using them to your advantage. Keep an eye on your email, blueprints, cost sheets, and of course your equipment with mobile apps specifically built for the construction industry. You’ll be able to do almost everything you do in your office from the site, and that means better efficiency and productivity.

5. Connect everything

Don’t give yourself a headache flipping back between half a dozen windows to control your site. A platform like EquipmentShare Track integrates with your existing payroll and accounting software to reduce your digital clutter. Even better, because it works with equipment from OEMs, you no longer need to use multiple windows to track and manage your equipment.

Making the job go faster means you’ll be able to accomplish more and accelerate your business’s growth. And as technology continues to adapt to the construction industry’s needs, you have more options when it comes to technology-based solutions to manage your mixed fleet.


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