October 4, 2019

In Case You Missed It: September Wrap-Up


EquipmentShare is moving quickly. It seems like every moment there is something new to share (no pun intended). We realize the important news can often get lost in the clutter of all the updates, videos, conversations and promotions.

So, ICYMI, here are the top three EquipmentShare updates from September:


EquipmentShare on IoT in Construction – ALH Conference

On September 12, EquipmentShare’s Chief Revenue Officer Dan Middleton spoke at the Access, Lift & Handlers Conference in San Diego. Dan spoke about the construction industry’s use of IoT technology in order to innovate and grow, while also touching on the successes of other industries that have done the same.


Watch a clip of the talk below.



New Signs for EquipmentShare HQ

Just a few short months ago, EquipmentShare’s headquarters packed up and moved down the road to a much larger building in Columbia, Mo. The space, which spans more than 52,000 square feet, will better accommodate our growing teams and provide room for further growth. Slowly, we have started to make this building feel like ours. An important step in that direction was installing signs!

Take a look at the inside (and outside) of our newly improved EquipmentShare HQ:



Salida Tech Hub

The Central Rockies are now home to EquipmentShare’s newest Tech Hub in Salida, CO! The Salida Tech Hub is located in the city’s historic downtown and will support our growing engineering team in the area. By design, EquipmentShare’s engineering team is remote. Our Tech Hubs across the nation give our remote employees essential meeting space and an opportunity to work from an office.



What’s coming up for EquipmentShare?


EquipmentSHIFT Conference October 23 through 24 in Kansas City, MO

We are a proud sponsor of the EquipmentSHIFT conference,  an event dedicated to discussing the opportunities, innovations and challenges of equipment management. We hope to see you there!


Branch Expansions and Hiring

While we’re on the topic of EquipmentShare growth, be on the lookout for even more new branches to crop up across the nation by the end of 2019! Because we’re continuing to grow, we will also continue to hire new additions to our teams. There are hundreds of open positions across levels and locations. Take a look at our job opportunities to find right role for you. 



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