June 15, 2018

EquipmentShare Dads: Building Families and Futures


Happy Father’s Day!

The people that build EquipmentShare are just as important as the work we’re doing. This Father’s Day, meet some of the awesome dads at ES that give their all at work and at home every day.

ES CEO Jabbok Schlacks and his daughters

Director of HR David Adams and his daughters

Director of Strategy & Analytics Ben Wilson and his sons

ES San Antonio General Manager Jorge Cabasos and his sons

The Cabasos family

ES Houston Mechanic Chris Cooper and family

Senior Data Engineer Daniel Smith and his daughters

Operations Manager Johnny Bleyenberg and his son

East Houston Sales Rep and Dispatcher Nathan Jones and his son

VP of Sales Eric Nichols and family

Operations Manager RC Davis and his son

Senior Brand Writer Brian Frederick and family

ES St. Louis Service Manager Tom Dobson and family

Software Engineer Trey George and his daughter

ES Houston Delivery Driver Nathan Smith and family

ES Houston Field Service Technician Cordera Zeno and his daughters


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